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The 14th Branislav "BRANO" Radovancevic International HEART FAILURE FORUM

6-8 September 2022

Brano Heart Failure Forum 2022
“Innovations and New Treatment Strategies in Heart Failure”

Brano Heart Failure Forum (BHFF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Igor D. Gregoric, Bojan Vrtovec and Rajko Radovancevic. The mission of BHFF is to organize the Annual International Branislav Radovancevic Memorial Heart Failure Symposium on Innovations and New Treatment Strategies in Heart Failure with local co-organizers.  


14th Branislav 'Brano' Radovancevic Heart Failure Forum has been held in Trieste from 6 to 8 September, 2022.
The symposium is dedicated to acute heart failure, innovations and new treatment strategies. The Branislav “Brano” Radovancevic Heart Failure Forum (BHFF) was established in 2008. Each year, experts in the field of heart failure gather to learn, discuss and debate the recent advances and theories related to diagnostics and therapeutics. This year ambitious target was to allow international experts to meet, exchange experiences and refine therapeutic solutions in a unique cultural environment, designed to facilitate participation and encourage personal commitment.  

Program Directors
Igor D. Gregoric, MD, FACC
Bojan Vrtovec, MD, PhD
Rajko Radovancevic, MD
Ugolino Livi, MD, PhD